How to copy code/scripts from blogspot?

There are many free blogspot sites that don’t allow copying sample codes from their pages. I believe, most of the bloggers are selfless, sharing their knowledge and sample scripts expecting the visitors benefit the maximum from such efforts many of them are not aware of this situation as they don’t try to copy code/scripts from their own posts. As I didn’t use blogspot much, I am not sure whether copying from their posts are disabled by default.

Well, there is always a way and all you need is a browser like Mozilla Firefox (The easiest to my knowledge)

Step# 1 Open Firefox and enter “about:config” in the address bar (Image was modified for better view)

Accept the risk and continue! Search for “javascript” in the search area and double click “javascript.enabled” to toggle true to “false

Open a new tab in the same session with the page from which you want to copy the code/scripts. Get your stuff, go back to the about:config & toggle “javascript.enabled” back to “true“. Forgetting might cost you dearly ;)