Oracle Applications R12 | Disable Purchase Request Attachments

Hello guys

We have an instance, with the database which has grown to almost 1TB in size within last four years of time & the main culprit were the attachments end users uploaded with the purchase requests. Now, the approach to upload documents to database was a wrong wrong wrong choice, however, with what we lived for last many years.

Recently the we have decided to stop uploading the attachments to database, instead start using certain other methods. That’s how we started to find a “method” to disable the attachment functionality. There were not many leads, however we stumbled upon the following thread

Disabling Attachment menu button with Forms Personalization?

As all we needed were just some kind of leads, browsing through the “Application Developer=> Attachments=>Attachment Functions”



We were able to locate the Name “PO_POXRQERQ”, that refers to Requisitions. All we were supposed to do was the remove all the lines found under “Blocks”, that disables the attachment button available with purchase requisition form! Read more about it from the link provided above.

Hope this information comes handy for few others out there!

Merry X-Mas and very happy new year for everyone!


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