Posts about Server/Client operating systems, legacy products, workaround solutions our internal team has tested/faced/resolved. WE hope the information provided through this medium makes lives of techies bit better!

Years of efforts are put in developing better software by the companies, thousands of software engineers. Please respect the licensing terms

The solutions what we provide here should not be copied to production environments. What we post here are what we tested, your environment and infrastructures could be different and our solutions may not fit in to your scenarios, hence please take extreme caution while you try them.

Do you have a specific issue related one of the following?

  1. Windows Server(s)
  2. Windows Clients (Windows XP, 7,8, 10)
  3. Oracle Products (Database, Forms & Reports) thus said, NO java, NO BI, NO other products

Send us a mail:  w 7 b u g s at l i v e dot c o m

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