How to copy code/scripts from blogspot?

There are many free blogspot sites that don’t allow copying sample codes from their pages. I believe, most of the bloggers are selfless, sharing their knowledge and sample scripts expecting the visitors benefit the maximum from such efforts many of them are not aware of this situation as they don’t try to copy code/scripts from their own posts. As I didn’t use blogspot much, I am not sure whether copying from their posts are disabled by default.

Well, there is always a way and all you need is a browser like Mozilla Firefox (The easiest to my knowledge)

Step# 1 Open Firefox and enter “about:config” in the address bar (Image was modified for better view)

Accept the risk and continue! Search for “javascript” in the search area and double click “javascript.enabled” to toggle true to “false

Open a new tab in the same session with the page from which you want to copy the code/scripts. Get your stuff, go back to the about:config & toggle “javascript.enabled” back to “true“. Forgetting might cost you dearly ;)

It’s been long time!

Hello guys!

I know, there were NOT much to post throughout last few months about Oracle as I am nose down into one of the development platforms that I hardly desired for developing business applications.

For me, it was always Oracle forms and reports. The easiest, the most robust development tools for BUSINESS applications which is supported by the ease of SQL, PL/SQL

I am doing loads of research with C# & SQL database, which will be the main technologies behind our next proposed ERP suite. After spending almost 15 years with Forms and reports, I don’t see Oracle is too keen about modernizing their most loved development tools & the latest release lacks loads of features those would have helped to reclaim the desktop based business applications.

Wondering whether there is still room for desktop applications, especially for businesses? dude! there is, and there will be!


So stay tuned, I will start posting my “findings” about C#, who knows may be some sample applications using Windows forms or WPF & Oracle database in near future!




Script Copying Instructions

Hello guys

Once in a while we receive complaints about scripts copied from our blog causing issues. We regret those issues and apologizing to everyone who suffered due to. Our blog is totally free until date and unfortunately, different browsers behave differently while parsing the code tags.

With reference to above said, we request you to kindly make sure that the scripts those you copy from our posts are thoroughly checked for special characters prior applied. Especially registry related scripts as such attempts could completely wreck your Windows registry databases.

We hope you read us clearly and continue supporting us.


WhatsApp Can you live without it? #Windowsphone8

Update: The “last seen”, the innovative feature what “Whatsapp” protected dearly could be turned off, in case if you are using Android or iPhone. Wait, no party yet. As soon as you start typing or reading a message, you are seen as “online” to your contacts (If you want you can still use Whatsapp, else eff yaselp n die) and the catch is turning off the “last seen” is reciprocating! Less said, if you decided nobody should when you were last seen, you will not able to see that last seen time stamp of others either.

for Windows Phone users, the last update for Whatspp over this platform was by early January 2014 and it looks like the users are going to wait a long long time for the latest “feature”. However we have a hack for you! We transferred the SIM to an Android phone, activated the whatsapp account, turned off the “last seen” feature and transferred it back to the Windows Phone 8 device, activated the account from the device and viola! It did the charm! Remember you can’t turn on the “last seen” feature from the Windows Phone yet, hence you will be forced to go through the method explained above.

Windowsphone Whatsapp
Windowsphone Whatsapp

So hooked to WhatsApp? it is one of the fastest, almost free (0.99$) after the first year as claimed and a nitty-gritty app available across all known mobile platforms

Saudi Arabia had “issues” with how WhatsApp handles the privacy, personally I feel  WhatsApp could and should adopt certain privacy policies based on the user requests, which they were adamant NOT to until date. Seems like enabling the ability to let the users turn of the last seen “feature” breaks down their servers…

Ongoing discussions

and Google/Bing for “Whatsapp breaking relations last seen” bring up hundreds of threads discussing how the “last seen” is clearly causing troubles in relationships


The major concerns

As soon as someone installs the software, the entire contact lists are uploaded to WhatsApp servers and thus the software figures out who are you contacts to initiate a chat. Thus anyone happened to have your number could start sending you messages day and night, oh yes, puhless don’t forget you can “block” them

Highly controversial “last seen” feature, which is updated by WhatsApp server(s) allowing your contacts to know when the last time you were active over WhatsApp and thus come to conclusion that you didn’t reply/respond to them on time. How it affects me? Well loads. I manage IT department and there are suppliers who are adopting WhatsApp for anything and everything. Recently I started receiving requests for payments, even copies of invoices through WhatsApp with requests to “Please print and submit to your accounts department”. Then comes complaints from contacts who start feeling I am not responding to few of them purposely even when they saw me online? What the heck?

The alternatives?

Obviously, there are other companies who care and listen to user concerns like the above ones listed and tweak the apps to give what the users demand on the privacy domain

Based on personal usage, I have ranked couple of apps like below

  1. Line Messenger (has desktop client): Until date, no other apps I have tried out comes anywhere closer to line messenger while it is all about privacy. Let us have a look at the application from the privacy prespective
    1. On screen password: Yes, the app has a inbuilt password handler, setting up will request a password to be supplied every time when a user tries to open the application
    2. wp_ss_20140316_0003
    3. wp_ss_20140316_0002
    4. Notifications: You can completely disable the notifications or turn off the preview(which is buggy after the latest release for #wp8)
    5. wp_ss_20140316_0005
    6. Decide how one should add you as a friend
    7. wp_ss_20140316_0004
  2. Viber (has desktop client): A long waited app on #wp8 is slowly making sense (minimum to me) with 4.0.1 update, which allows a #wp8 user the following
    1. Allows users to turn off the “Seen” status completely
    2. wp_ss_20140316_0001
    3. Allows you to turn of the “Online” status completely, however the status could be updated only once in 24 hours
  3. Hike: Is an emerging Indian IM, widely used by Indians as it supports free SMS to India, ie, a user can send free SMS to devices which are not having Hike!, ie, to a regular mobile and receive replies against them and it adds up the free SMS left counter! truly sweet and a better business model. From the privacy perspective Hike supports the following
    1. Turn off Last Seen
    2. Turn of Location
    3. wp_ss_20140316_0006

That’s all folks, regardless the counter arguments about what one should not do online, being a bit careful about what app you use in your mobile phone saves loads of troubles in real life scenarios. We hope that you enjoyed another post from us, which is off-topic this time.



Changing the Theme for

We were using “contempt” another free theme available @ wordpress until today morning & coming across “” has changed our prospective about sticking to four years old “contempt” theme. We felt, the “Andreas09” gives us more “room” to post the “technical” contents by utilizing the maximum screen size available.

What you think about the theme change, if our change affects your reading experience, please do let us know with the comments session.

Advantages from our blogging prospects

Bigger images

Contempt image space


With “Andreas9” we have the advantage to have bigger images, which could avoid clicking and zooming

Image size: Medium


Image size: Large


Scripts lines are not anymore exceeding the available real estate

[sourcecode language="sql" padlinenumbers="true"]
Cursor c1 is
Select distinct sold_from_org_id org_id, order_quantity_uom uom, inventory_item_id, 'O' line_source from oe_order_lines_all where sold_to_org_id = 3892
union all
Select distinct  odh.org_id,  odl.uom, odl.inventory_item_id, 'D' line_source from 
oms_dn_lines_all odl, oms_dn_headers_all odh
where 1=1
and odh.header_id = odl.header_id
and odh.customer_id = 3892 
and odl.inventory_item_id NOT IN (
Select inventory_item_id from oe_order_lines_all where sold_to_org_id = 3892)
and odl.inventory_item_id IS NOT NULL
union all
Select organization_id org_id, primary_uom_code uom, inventory_item_id, 'N' line_source from mtl_system_items where
and organization_id = 110
and inventory_item_id NOT IN (
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union all
Select inventory_item_id from oms_dn_lines_all where customer_id = 3892 and inventory_item_id IS NOT NULL)
order by inventory_item_id;


for Windows7bugs


Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) A possible solution(?) for frequent freezing/hanging

Off topic

I hardly ever dealt with another post addressing mobile phone(s) or technology through this BLOG. There are thousands of bloggers, forums doing it already Smile

I was given a Galaxy S3 (i9300), almost bricked phone a week back for doing some sort of researches and I was forced to return it to the admin department within next couple of hours as I found it was ridiculous to waste my time on a device which was JUST hanging without any reasons

However, after reaching home, I couldn’t just get rid of that “giving up” on certain something without putting reasonable efforts. So I got back to admin, asked them to return the device and started with my experiments.

Now, if you call 30+ hours without a single hanging/freeze is impressive, this is what I have achieved.



Into the details

Please note, if your device still under warranty, try to get hold of a new device as replacement. Follow the exercises described below only if YOU have already decided to scrap your Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Take super user access on your device (root it)
  2. Download & update your phone with a custom firmware (One which is higher than the one already installed on your device) Check for one
  3. Root again with the latest firmware a second time
  4. Download the original stock firmware from
  5. You should know the CSC code for your device *#1234# (prior rooting itself you should get this code noted down somewhere)
  6. Root again with your stock ROM
  7. Restart, configure & check for updates. One update varying in size between 50-55MBs must be available.
  8. Install the update, if your phone freeze during the download or update, just don’t restart it!!!!! Just leave it idle and get back to it after few hours

Your phone must be showing you an updated status and after few restarts you would find your phone is back to action, without getting into nasty freezing loops (minimum in my case)

Side Notes:

  1. Keep your wireless options always on (recommended at many places and turn off using Wireless for GPS)
  2. Install TrustGo security suite, AVG or Avast free mobile antivirus solution & keep your device balanced and protected


for Windows7bugs


Are you in Kuwait & looking for free trainings on Oracle technologies?


Hey, are you in Kuwait & looking for free trainings on following Oracle technologies/topics?

  1. Oracle database 10g onwards : Basics (Installation, level 1 interactions with database, sorry no advance level DBA activities)
  2. Oracle developer suite 6i, 10g & 11g : Basic & Advanced
  3. SQL/PLSQL (Oracle): Basic & Advanced
  4. Weblogic Server 10.3.6: Basic & Advanced (Collaborative)
  5. Oracle E-Business Suite: Concepts, basics, technical advanced level involving first level DBA activities like cloning and simple patching
  6. Linux: Basics which can help you to manage Oracle products on Linux (Red Hat Linux, Oracle Unbreakable Linux, CentOS)

& more

Feel free to drop me a e-mai address (please avoid absolute account names like, instead use abc at xyz dot com format to avoid spams reaching your inbox)l, contact numbers (post them like 9 9 9 9 1 2 4 5) with the comment session and I’ll contact you. As the topic header says, I’ll provide you free sessions based on my available timings

Language(s) I can handle

  1. Malayalam
  2. Tamil
  3. Hindi
  4. English

And you as a “student” must have a laptop/notebook with minimum 4GB memory and 500GB HDD (internal or external) to carry out the exercises. I won’t go to your place, you will to my place :)



for Windows7bugs