Wireless Keyboard/Mouse lags, stutter or hang when USB 3.0 external HDD connected

Hello myself

Recently I replaced my faulty Microsoft Keyboard+Mouse combo with a Logitech K270 & must say, Logitech have some quality.

However, very soon my daughter told me that she cannot use the keyboard & it prints a letter few seconds later after she taps the keyboard. I came to the desk and confirmed that she was right.

I was really upset, I couldn’t believe that a brand like Logitech could make such lousy product which started malfunctioning within couple of hours since the 1st use!

I was copying a huge tar ball from the external USB 3.0 HDD, connected to the port adjacent to wireless receiver was connected. Somehow I managed to close the copying & removed the wireless receiver to check whether it was broken/visibly faulty. Everything looked rock solid. I plugged the receiver back and the keyboard and mouse were working fine once again.

I plugged the USB 3.0 HDD back to the same port near the wireless receiver as I wanted to copy the tar ball. The moment I plugged the external drive, the keyboard and mouse almost stopped functioning!

Yes, after the long story, the solution is, don’t plug the USB 3.0 external drives to the same USB hub where you connect your wireless keyboard+mouse receiver.

That’s a worth note ;) & I hope you are not reading my personal notes!