APP-ONT-251084 No Messages in the Stack

Updated: 25th October 2021

Another situation could be when the customer you have created doesn’t have Payment Terms set. Once the Payment Terms set, open the Sales Order that is stuck using Order organizer, set the payment terms on both header and line levels and try to book once again. This should solve the situation.

A user may be provided this particular error while trying to book a sales order. If checked in Oracle support documentation, you may not find much useful information addressing this particular error.

Our case, most of the times this error occured while users tried to book an order against a customer who doesn’t have site information for that particular organization. ie, Customer ‘ABC’ was created for organization ‘XYZ’ and users from organization ‘DEF’ tried to create sales orders for customer ‘ABC’. This issue could happen to any organization which has “multi-org” structure.

The first thing the consultant should check should be the customer site information for the organization, if the site information is missing, proceed towards creating it. Once the site information is updated, manually select the shipping address and other details and proceed to book the order.

If the error is not addressed after creating the site information, proceed to next level of trouble shooting. Metalink documentation points towards items not in price list and tax etc.
Metalink document id(s) : 396427.1, 988810.1

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