Installing Gaming Services failed with error: 0x80310000

(The above image was doctored to show the error)

If you ever receive this error on #Windows 11, it means the XBox gaming services are toasted and you need to reinstall them. Usually after a fresh installation of Windows10/11, I always removed the bundled apps using PowerShell & later installed only the software that I need. I did install XBox and associated last time, as I constantly use XBox gaming bar screen recording. Looks like the Gaming Services were not fixed by re-installing XBox and components.

I landed on a working solution that is Microsoft answers thread. The working solution is copied below.

  1. Open Terminal as Administrator & enter the below commands one after another
  2. get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices | remove-AppxPackage -allusers
  3. start ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9MWPM2CQNLHN

The second command “start…” will open a fresh instance of Microsoft Store app and you can install the gaming services. Restart the box and you are all set to go.

Hope this helps few out there.