Oracle Applications R12, Re-assign PR/PO stuck in the workflow (awaiting approval)


Handling Purchase Orders stuck in the work flow.

Logon to the instance as “SYSADMIN”


Select “Workflow Administrator Web Applications” and Select the function “Status Monitor”. This opens a jsp page show below.


For the purchase orders stuck in the flow, please locate “PO Approval” workflow using search function. This windows provides multiple choices to limit the amount of data retrieved. Apply it whenever it is possible to reduce the time collecting and producing data.

Image: Finding the correct workflow (for Purchase requests stuck in the workflow)


For Purchase Requests stuck in the work flow, please use the following query

select requisition_header_id, segment1, wf_item_type, wf_item_key, authorization_status, org_id from po_requisition_headers_all where segment1 = ‘1980’ and org_id = 105;

for Purchase order change the table name to PO_HEADERS_ALL

to find the wf_item_key which is referred as “item key” with the JSP form.


Once the desired information derived

Click on “Activity History” button


Now you may use “Reassign” function (Shown within green rectangle) to reassign the Purchase Request for approval by next immediate subordinate.

You may use the “Rewind” button to rewind the workflow to an earlier stage as well

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