Install Oracle Workflow Builder on Windows 7/8 64Bit

Download the installer package (

Unzip it

Go to the install folder


Change the compatibility mode


Backup your OS path string under Advance settings and “SAVE” the information in a text file.

Remove all entries other than what referring to the %systemroot% and bring the string length less than 1000 characters.

Now go ahead with installing the wokflow builder


Follow the prompts until the installation completes successfully.


Run the “Oracle Workflow Builder” as Administrator. You may create a shortcut on the desktop and change the properties to run as administrator permenently. Without administrator rights, this legacy software will fail to read the registry values, thus end up producing the error mentioned with this thread



Observe the additional entries added with the PATH environment string.

Amend your backed up PATH string with the new entries and replace the PATH string.


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7 thoughts on “Install Oracle Workflow Builder on Windows 7/8 64Bit

  1. raghu

    I am getting error after installing workflow builder as
    WFFILOP_FAIL PATH=\wftemplate1.wft
    while creating new workflow.

    Can u please help with this

  2. Walter R.

    Hi – I run WIN 10, 11g db. I don’t understand what you mean by “Backup….1000 characters.” Can you explain that in more detail, or with images?

    Right now, I’ve set the compatibility settings and skipped the portion that I don’t understand. I get to the black window, looks similar to your example, and the window just closes. Any ideas?

    1. Your System environment variable “PATH” has to be backed up, it means. For example, if the PATH environment variable has more than 1000 characters entries, Oracle installer will fail.

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