Oracle, Migrating from Developer 6i to 11g & Weblogic Application Server 10.3.6


There are no guarantees that Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines will support Client/Server architecture applications developed by Oracle developer 6i, even after your patch certain .dll files (refer to our previous post here )

So, it is time to move on. Many legacy applications cannot be discontinued as they serve the businesses in tailored manner. Hence the best practices should include migration to latest Oracle products and retaining such applications for next “N” number of years.

We are going to draft the easiest methods to migrate to Oracle Weblogic server 10.3.6 & Developer suite 11g briefly over here. Please read on how to install the weblogic server here

Make sure you have made multiple backups for your forms 6i source modules & reports

Create local folders from development machines with easily identifiable names (eg: myapp11gtest)

Start compiling your 6i modules (forms, menu modules, libraries) using 11g forms developer or use the batch mode compiler.

Address the obsolete triggers (KEY-NEXT-ITEM for eg)

Port the compiled forms & other modules to your weblogic server

Please note, if your environment is totally windows based, you may not recompile the form modules once again at weblogic server end. On the other hand if you are developing modules on windows environment and later porting them to Weblogic server hosted in a linux environment, you must recompile the modules once again

Idiot proof notice: Always keep multiple backups for your source files!, You cannot port 6i applications compiled using Developer 10g suite to Weblogic server which has 11g developer suite components and expect the .fmx files to load



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