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We started this blog by February 18th 2010 and we are rushing towards the completion of 4 years!

We have posted just few and always after testing what we post thoroughly for days and weeks to insure that what a visitor reads/follows is 100% dependable and in full.

As a practice we always made sure that we will try to avoid copying and pasting as much as possible, unless we cannot do it better than an original post.

Many a times we were asked why we do such efforts as we don’t have any “benefits” coming to us in monetary terms, and the answer is simple.

“There are always few things free in life, by others”

We are utilizing this occasion to thank and encourage whole those techy friends who spent & spend much valued time to tap down millions of words, which become sentences and solutions, helping a never known person by the other corner of the world to resolve a problem or to build something, else looks impossible.

Kudos to you, kudos to us and we remain, dedicated to continue doing our “Karma”

Cheers from entire windows7bugs blog team

Linux “service xyz does not support chkconfig”


Majority of the scripts, which you want to startup certain services during the boot process itself are usually placed (CentOS, RHEL, OUL(Oracle Unbreakable Linux)) in /etc/init.d folder

We had a requirement to disable the automatic startup of Oracle database, which was a part of Oracle Vision Instance 12.1.3

The vision database node server on Oracle linux, starts up the database services during the boot process itself, thus delaying the booting process.

After a long scrutiny (as I am not very familiar with Linux) I found that during the boot up, one particular service “ebizdb” was being executed and I found a script with automatic execution within “/etc/init.d” folder

Recently I have learned that I could change a .sh script using “chmod” command to executable so that I could call it without using “./” and the syntax was

chmod +x

Just keeping my fingers crossed (make a note of my acceptance that I am not a linux geek) I tried the following

chmod –x ebizdb

and bingo!

Prior that I tried

chconfig ebizdb off

and kept on receiving error message stating “service ebizdb does not support chkconfig”

The job was done by just the script’s behavior from executable to non-executable.

Hope this helps few out there, who are Linux noobies like me!




Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Internet explorer 10 “unidentified”


Just 24 hours back, I made another attempt to setup a vision instance at home using VM templates from Oracle and, guys, it was a total success *grin* (Will post the installation steps later, stay tuned, it is loads of fun!)

However I was stuck with an issue, the html/jsp pages will not render properly in Internet Explorer 10 (I am using Windows 8 Pro 64bit) and started with my favorite search toy “google” once again




I came across a blog post from Oracle discussing about the certification path here

and within the thread there was another reference towards a later blog entry, which explained the certification details(here). Unless you are in a hurry, you shouldn’t miss the minimized quote says

Compatibility Mode for IE 10 + EBS 12

To prevent issues with certain OA Framework pages, you should run IE 10 in “Compatibility Mode.” See the “Known Issues” section in Note 389422.1 for more details.



How to? have a look at the below images


That’s all Smile


hope the post was useful for minimum few out there