Linux “service xyz does not support chkconfig”


Majority of the scripts, which you want to startup certain services during the boot process itself are usually placed (CentOS, RHEL, OUL(Oracle Unbreakable Linux)) in /etc/init.d folder

We had a requirement to disable the automatic startup of Oracle database, which was a part of Oracle Vision Instance 12.1.3

The vision database node server on Oracle linux, starts up the database services during the boot process itself, thus delaying the booting process.

After a long scrutiny (as I am not very familiar with Linux) I found that during the boot up, one particular service “ebizdb” was being executed and I found a script with automatic execution within “/etc/init.d” folder

Recently I have learned that I could change a .sh script using “chmod” command to executable so that I could call it without using “./” and the syntax was

chmod +x

Just keeping my fingers crossed (make a note of my acceptance that I am not a linux geek) I tried the following

chmod –x ebizdb

and bingo!

Prior that I tried

chconfig ebizdb off

and kept on receiving error message stating “service ebizdb does not support chkconfig”

The job was done by just the script’s behavior from executable to non-executable.

Hope this helps few out there, who are Linux noobies like me!




2 thoughts on “Linux “service xyz does not support chkconfig”

  1. HI

    1. place the script in /etc/init.d and make sure that is has start,stop and restart functions.
    2. we can add this script to chkconfig by using below command

    chkconfig –add

    after that you can check this with chkconfig –list

    chkconfig –list
    chkconfig –add
    chkconfig –del

    1. Hello Ben!
      Welcome to Windows7bugs
      This thread was dealing with a particular situation, as mentioned & adhering strictly to Oracle database start. I’ll be posting more under #linux category & will be glad to have you monitor those posts.


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