Install Oracle 10g on Windows 8 :P


So, are you eager to know whether you WILL able to install Oracle 10g database on Windows 8? We think the answer should be YES!


Or we are already running Oracle 10g ( ENT Edition) on Windows 8

The hack we used is the same (Check it here), as for Windows 7 Oracle installation. Just added a new block for Windows 8



for Windows7bugs


28 thoughts on “Install Oracle 10g on Windows 8 :P

    1. Hello Omar
      Please provide us the OS architecture, database version you were trying to install so that we can try to figure out some workable solutions for you.

      Please note, 10.1.0.x version(s) cannot be installed on Windows 7 and Windows 8, regardless which architecture you are using. Our numerous lab tests were utter failure, with Oracle.exe causing KERNEL crashes.



  1. Mac

    Hi I have done It on windows 8 but first thing is that windows 8 don’t have xp compatibility mood so may be that’s y it is not working on command line interface it passes the compatibility test but Oracle Universal Installer just pops out and vanishes ??
    can you solve it for me

      1. Hello mansoor

        Can you please list us the exact procedures you were following to install the database?

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      2. Mac

        i used the same procedure adding windows7 and 8 versions in xml file ‘refhost.xml’ and also added versions in ‘oraparam.ini’
        I was installing client so i changed in both database and client setups..

        I tried a previous version of oracle and it worked fine…created an ODBC also in win 8
        Thanks will try to check the software tomorrow and give you the update..

      3. Interesting, you managed to install 10.1.x.x on Windows 8? Please share the methods with us. We never managed the same from our labs!

        Regards Admin

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  2. I was able to successfully install oracle 10g (10.2.0) on windows 8. However, I cannot log into SQLPLUS as SYSDBA.

    I’m guessing this has to do with microsoft changing how user logins work with them being a microsoft account. I added myself to the ora_dba group, but still no luck.

    My error is ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

    1. Hi there,

      Try changing the authentication type with “SQLNET.ora” file

      By default the authentication will be NTS, as below


      change the same to

      Try it and let us know whether you were able to connect.



      1. Hello Prastiyan

        Sorry, we cannot extend our support to your email address. However, please try the following.
        Stop all oracle services
        Right click on the folder where you have installed Oracle database and take the full rights or ownership
        If you cannot edit sqlnet.ora, that means you don’t have write access to that file, inherited from the folder rights
        Once you edit sqlnet.ora, restart the Oracle services and try to activate the user scott first, like

        >conn system/password@connectionstring/servicename;
        >alter user scott identified by password
        >account unlock;

        Try and let us know the status.


  3. prastiyan

    hi admin,

    still nor working. i try oracle 10g

    show error message when i try edit SQLNET.ora

    ” this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs control panel. ”

    installation oracle 10g is done. why show this message, please advice.



  4. ramya

    my system became very slow after installing oracle 11g on windows 8….how can i get back the original speed

    1. These few tricks should help you

      Make sure your computer/laptop has minimum 4GB memory
      Disable Automatic starting for Oracle Database Service from services.msc panel (This will significantly reduce the time booting)
      Disable DB Console completely, you don’t need it as a student or developer
      Download and install Oracle SQL developer (it can do most of the stuff done by DB Console)

      Try and post your experience.



  5. Mayank

    I tried installing oracle 11g R2 database on Windows 8 and I suspect it has not correctly installed. nevertheless, i want to uninstall it so that I can reinstall it but I am not able to uninstall it.
    Please help

      1. Mayank


        Personal Oracle Database 11g Release – 64bit Production
        PL/SQL Release – Production
        CORE Production
        TNS for 64-bit Windows: Version – Production
        NLSRTL Version – Production

  6. If the uninstaller is failing, you have to go ahead with the hard way.
    Delete physical folders, remove registry entries & environment variables if ny set by the installation.



    1. Mayank

      What is the correct way to use the uninstaller? I dont have the option to uninstall using the Oracle universal installer. I have downloaded the deinstall utility but am not sure how to use it. I did try to execute the desintaller.bat file but it did not spawn any response.

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