Install Google Chrome with YUM on Fedora, CentOS/Red Hat (RHEL) 6.2, Even on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3


Our intention is not to copy paste the entire content from another website most of the times, hence only the link to external website is provided here. Please note, if you follow the instructions properly, installing Google Chrome is a matter just few minutes.

To create google.repo do the following

as root

$cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

$touch google.repo

$gedit google.repo (or use vi/vim)

for 32-bit, add following block

name=google-chrome - 32-bit

for 64-bit, add following block (you may add both blocks to google.repo)

name=google-chrome - 64-bit


Save google.repo file

$yum install google-chrome-stable (Current release is 20.x) and the total download is around 41Mb) on installation it will consume a total of 120Mb on your HDD

Oracle VM Templates, Are you sure you want to try them?


I have a application DBA friend who is good, knows his stuff and agreed to setup my home desktop machine with Oracle E-Business Suite R12 12.0.4 for certain kind of researches, even though I have access to three test instances at work!

After spending almost three years developing Oracle E-Business custom applications and reports, I just finished a full functional training on module Supply Chain Management from Oracle university, and I came across “Oracle VM Templates”, great, my life was just beautiful until

To run a vision instance all you need is 4GB of spare memory, 500GB storage, VirtualBox and Oracle Enterprise linux. Almost everything here other than the hardware part is free(?) to certain extends, I should had gone for it, instead I opted Oracle VM templates

Now, I needed to download around 37Gb (I already have Oracle supplied DVDs for R12 12.0.3, both 32/64bit) of template files, which come in .zip format. I need Linux environment to join them, OH YES, Oracle documentation for the same is great, provided you are BLIND

Now to use the downloaded templates (which are bundles of application and database tier, pre-configured and expected to run over virtual machines) I need Oracle VM server and Oracle VM Manager which runs only from linux environment (heh, did I say Oracle Linux Only?)

So in total I need 2 numbers of servers, ie, I run two virtual machines using VirtualBox, 1st one is used for a bare metal installation of Oracle VM server, Second is for Oracle Enterprise Linux, on top of which I  install Oracle VM Manager)

Ah, forgot to mention, I need two NICs to balance the network load, ie, my hopes to try out the VM templates from company provided hi-end laptop has just started fading….not entirely yet, though

So the story is becoming interesting, ain’t it? We will expand the story as much possible in coming days, until then, please share our joy, we just got our first hundred thousand hits…


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