IDS Systems Pvt Ltd, a place where you should learn Oracle technologies


Ok guys, we are doing a promotion for IDS Systems PVT Ltd, Bangalore, India (details here

We just had a supply chain management functional (followed by technical briefing) from IDS Systems PVT Ltd and confirm this institution provide anybody a high quality learning experience and exceed the expectations at any point of time.

IDS Systems PVT Ltd is located in the heart of Bangalore city, off Richmond road, Brigade area. Trainings could be arranged through Mr. Satish T.S. Please check IDS Systems PVT Ltd’s website for contact details

IDS Systems PVT Ltd has classrooms equipped with right setups, providing the participants adequate and excellent exposure towards whichever the training they are undertaking (Please visit their website for testimonials)

Few images from the institution



This is the first time we are promoting any institution in particular through our blog and doing the same in order to express our gratitude towards the excellent experience provided by IDS.


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