Oracle client server architecture, TNS error “Unable to connect”

Okay guys, a new topic after a long break. We had a situation with a client server based 3rd party application printing certain reports adhering Kuwaiti labor rules (Arabic reports). For reasons unknown our R12 implementation partner has decided to make a set of forms and reports which were copied to individual user computers and called upon requirement.

Recently we wanted to copy the same application for a new user and came across a problem with TNS error “Unable to connect”. Our team has gone through hours to figure out the issue, futile. Ironically legacy applications which were client server architecture were running smooth without triggering the TNS errors at the same time!

Finally, while grouping the folder items by “type” we noticed the presence of a “tnsnames.ora” file along with runtimes (.fmx and .rdp/.rpt files)

Bingo! removing the file resolved almost 48 hours pain in the ***! So, if you come across such a siutation, have a look inside the folder, where ifrun60.EXE “starts in” (Right click the application, check the “Starts in” folder) and make sure that a copy of tnsnames.ora is not present in the same folder with wrong tns entries.

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