Java security warning “This application requires an older version…”

Try the below to get rid of annoying Java security warnings (As we don’t know what would happen if you would uninstall the older versions which are used by 3rd party applications like Oracle e-business suite,  recommended application installed instead)

This tip was collected from this link

1. Close all browsers;
2. Make sure you are running latest version of Java
(check this via Java Control Panel in Windows Control Panel, or, more simply,
just download latest version from (as of today’s date, the latest
version is 1.6.0_13);
3. Open Java Control Panel (via Windows Control
4. Go to “Java” tab;
5. Click on “View” in “Java Applet Runtime
Settings” of that tab;
6. Uncheck “Enabled” for every version of Java listed
EXCEPT for the latest version;
7. Click “OK”, etc., and thus close Java
Control Panel;
8. Restart browser(s);
9. Done.

We hope this information is useful for few others out there!

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