Windows 7, Oracle developer 10g Crash, Work around

So you finally installed Oracle 10g developer suite on your Windows 7 box? Well if you already did then might have exeperienced the same crashing also!
Here is a simple work around to stop the program being crashed frequently. Before you open existing forms, make sure you are connected to the database instance. This reduces the frequency of crashing for Oracle 10g developer suite.

9 thoughts on “Windows 7, Oracle developer 10g Crash, Work around

  1. Rajeev


    Tried installing Oracle 10g database on Windows 7 Home, but it simply does not start! Do you have any workarounds for this as well?



    1. Hi Rick
      Not a single post with this blog published without testing and if any of the posts says it can be done, it is already done :)

      By the way, We agree to one argument, we never had a chance to work with home editions of Windows 7, so there could be chances that the workarounds MAY not apply to those boxes.

      For Windows7bugs,

  2. Stanley

    I’m glad to say, your post make me free of reinstalling and patching and stuff!!! Thanx a lot, AHHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! (yes it works for me,

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