Windows 7 domain network “no internet access”- A temporary fix!

Scenario: Windows 2008 R1 AD Domain, ISA 2006 SP1, Client Windows 7 Professional 64bit with ISA firewall client installed!

Annoyance factor: Though the client could access the internet, the local area connection/wireless connection to domain network shows “No Internet Access” or when connection shows “Internet Access” the balloon message says “Additional log on information may be required”

Day count wasted to find a solution: 8th day in a row

Activity log as following.

  1. Googling to find a solution, came against a vista forum post where somebody has mentioned about adding “local service” account under “Administrators” local group.
  2. Added “local service” and “network service” under local administrators group.
  3. Restarted “Network Location Awareness” which in due restarts “Network List Services” automatically.
  4. Noticed the following: Instead of the much hated yellow triangle, the connection (cabled) shown “Additional log on information may be required”
  5. Flipped the coin, uninstalled the ISA 2006 firewall client.
  6. Though not prompted, opted for a restart.
  7. The connection apparently stopped showing both the annoying messages “No Internet Access” and “Additional log on information may be required”
  8. Re-installed ISA 2006 Firewall client, restarted the “Network Location Awareness” service which restarted the “Network List Services”. Everything look still good
  9. Moved to nearest Windows 7 client running 32bit Windows 7 Professional. Gone through the above said procedures. Confirmed everything worked fine.
  10. Moved back to my client machine, removed both “Local Service” and “Network Service” accounts from local administrators group.
  11. Forced a restart.
  12. Everything looked fine, no more false messages stating “No Internet Access” or “Additional log on information may be required”!

Annoyance continues

Though the connection status doesn’t piss me off with the messages, the following were observed.

Avast anti-virus client as well Symantec endpoint client were unable to download virus definitions from download servers until manually configured with proxy settings.

Monitoring the ISA Server 2006 pointed towards the download requests being forwarded to ISA without user credentials and ISA was denying access to those requests.

Now wondering how more days I should spend to find a solution for this problem :(