Installing Oracle Developer (forms & reports 6i) on Windows 7 64bit

Update (09.Feb.2012)

Just came across an issue while trying to install Developer 6i suite on Windows 7 64 bit (may apply to 32bi as well), came across following error “forms60.vrf(78):OS_ERROR while getting value Path”. Didn’t have a clue what was wrong as we were able to install Developer Suite 6i more than multiple times (for legacy application used across corporate)

Googling around brought us to this link and found the solution! It was related the path element length, by removing some “unwanted” entries from the path string, we were able to successfully install the Suite.



Oracle developer 6i (forms & reports) Installation tips.

Including me, many of you out there must be still using the developer 6i and getting this stuff work under Windows 7 64bit environment could be quite tricky.

Run the installer normally (without changing the compatibility mode) and finish the installation for both forms and reports. Go to this link and download the files suggested.

Now go to your developer installation folder, browse to BIN directory and make backups for these files

  1. NN60.DLL
  2. NNB60.DLL

Now copy the extracted files from the downloads you already have, to \BIN directory. This should deal with forms developer not responding to the “Run” button click or ‘Ctrl+R’ shortcut key.

Hope this post is useful Oracle developers.