Windows 8, Antivirus solution(s)

Should you use a third party antivirus, anti-malware solution with your new Windows 8 OS is entirely a new debate, as Windows 8 comes with built-in solution for both antivirus, anti-malware.

Windows defender akka Microsoft security essentials in new shape should be more than enough to protect a normal user who doesn’t take risks by visiting websites known for spyware and other malicious codes.

We prefer to stay with Windows defender, as the complete solution is developed and maintained by Microsoft. Who knows the OS better than the them?

However, Avast suite (both free and paid editions) should give you a better level of peace of mind. We, as windows7bugs have already tried both scenarios (Windows defender and Avast paid edition) and opted to stay with Windows defender.

Now it is your turn to make a decision! The rule of thumb is, don’t take unwanted risks by visiting ill reputation sites and trying cracks, patches one use to “crack” legitimate software!

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Windows 7 “no internet access” false message

We lost the count of discussions initiated through this blog, every time there was another “reason” for this false message with Windows 7. After using Windows 7 more than couple of years time, recently we noticed this false message being an annoyance once again with few of the dell desktop machines we started using at work.

Loads of googling around brought us to a topic which discussed about AVG blocking Windows network awareness service and further dwelling into the topic proved that, any Anti-virus with a built-in firewall capability could indirectly affect the above said service, thus causing “no Internet access” false message. At work we use symantec endpoint as corporate solution and Avast Internet security suite with few client systems which are dominantly used for Oracle development.

Somehow, Symantec end point suite always disliked Oracle forms developer suite(s) and we were forced to switch to Avast suite for those users who are into Oracle development.

Back to the topic, following a tip obtained from google search, we did the following

Avast -> settings -> Troubleshooting-> and checked “load avast services only after loading other services” and bingo! no more false messages, no more yellow triangle with network connection icon.

Fix VMware connectivity problems after installing Avast Internet Security

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Entry Says ”
I am a big fan of the Avast! line of security products. I just upgraded from Pro to Internet Security since I got a new laptop and getting the Pro version for that was the same price as the Internet Security version and I figured that an added firewall couldn’t hurt. Naturally, it’s never that simple and I realized that after I rebooted the firewall was causing the web browsers in my virtual machines to lose access to the Internet. I was still able to ping things via the command line but I couldn’t do much else.

In order to fix this I found out that you just need to do the following steps and you’re back online:
1.Open Avast!
2.Click the Firewall tab
3.Make sure the Firewall Settings sub-tab is selected
4.Click “Expert Settings” next to the “Stop” button
5.Check “Internet Connection Sharing mode”
6.Click OK
7.Close Avast!

Now your VMs are back online.”

and we confirm it!



Windows 7, Avast vs AVG & Avira Antivir

Which free edition you would prefer? Avast, AVG and Avira all offer free editions of their respective products free of cost for home users (breaching the agreement many use those products at corporate environments as well). We have fully licensed Symantec Endpoint Protection Suit and while we started lab testing Windows 7, the package was not compatible with Windows 7. We needed to have moderate level of protections for our Windows 7 boxes and tried out all the above mentioned Antivirus products.

From the experiences till date from last four months, Avast is the winner! Starting with a clean interface and user-friendly GUI and updates are just in KBS this stood apart from AVG and Avira. AVG installation was always testing our patience when Avira has a poor appearance and heavy on the system (AVG also slows down the booting part). There are some comprehensive study made by which benchmark these products in details. If interested you can read the full article here. Though the writer finally choses Avira Antivir against other two products, we prefer the latest version of Avast against both AVG and Avira.

Hope this information is useful for people who wonder which free antivirus product they should go for. We, Windows7bugs team would ask the users to avoid visiting sites which malicious in nature (Software cracks, teaching hacking etc) and to avoid those small applications which are written for cracking BIGGER software. The less risks you take consciously make these free products provide you better protection.

Windows7bugs team.