Windows 8, Antivirus solution(s)

Should you use a third party antivirus, anti-malware solution with your new Windows 8 OS is entirely a new debate, as Windows 8 comes with built-in solution for both antivirus, anti-malware.

Windows defender akka Microsoft security essentials in new shape should be more than enough to protect a normal user who doesn’t take risks by visiting websites known for spyware and other malicious codes.

We prefer to stay with Windows defender, as the complete solution is developed and maintained by Microsoft. Who knows the OS better than the them?

However, Avast suite (both free and paid editions) should give you a better level of peace of mind. We, as windows7bugs have already tried both scenarios (Windows defender and Avast paid edition) and opted to stay with Windows defender.

Now it is your turn to make a decision! The rule of thumb is, don’t take unwanted risks by visiting ill reputation sites and trying cracks, patches one use to “crack” legitimate software!

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