Windows 7 “no internet access” false message

We lost the count of discussions initiated through this blog, every time there was another “reason” for this false message with Windows 7. After using Windows 7 more than couple of years time, recently we noticed this false message being an annoyance once again with few of the dell desktop machines we started using at work.

Loads of googling around brought us to a topic which discussed about AVG blocking Windows network awareness service and further dwelling into the topic proved that, any Anti-virus with a built-in firewall capability could indirectly affect the above said service, thus causing “no Internet access” false message. At work we use symantec endpoint as corporate solution and Avast Internet security suite with few client systems which are dominantly used for Oracle development.

Somehow, Symantec end point suite always disliked Oracle forms developer suite(s) and we were forced to switch to Avast suite for those users who are into Oracle development.

Back to the topic, following a tip obtained from google search, we did the following

Avast -> settings -> Troubleshooting-> and checked “load avast services only after loading other services” and bingo! no more false messages, no more yellow triangle with network connection icon.

5 thoughts on “Windows 7 “no internet access” false message

  1. James

    I am having this issue with avast 7 and following your steps has not corrected the problem..

    Frustrating and infuriating!

    1. We are aware of this situation! Try the following workarounds
      Uninstall Avast and confirm whether the “false” notification appears again
      If the notification is persisting, the issue shouldn’t be from avast and you may rebuild TCP/IP configurations
      Try to find latest drivers for your network adaptor
      Re-test the scenario
      If you are behind a proxy, point your default gateway to proxy server IP

      (And do not forget to install the antivirus suite)


  2. Steve Keeney

    I am suffering from this craptastic situation also, with Avast 7 and
    Kasperksy 2012. The ONLY solution that works is unstalling them.
    None of the so called fixes I’ve found work. Back to stinkin’ Microsoft Security Essentials.

    1. Hello Steve
      Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. We have moved away from Windows 7 almost 1.5 years back, and the dreaded issues were not present with Windows 8, even while it was in preview state.
      However, we are sure, many users around the world who are still preferring Windows 7 against Windows 8 get benefited from the post your have mentioned with you comment.



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