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Hello guys

We just completed 10 years of blogging with WORDPRESS & it was a great experience! Although we’ve started the blog ONLY to vent out our frustrations with Windows 7 OS, over the years we’ve discussed many other technology areas.

Well…err hmm, about many things those WERE not significant at all, however many of you have seen them ;) . Now you may ask why switching from a life long free blog to a COM (commercial site). Answer is simple, WE are going to have few advertisements running over the blog, which might fetch us some income!

We’ve been enthusiastically doing many charities and currently planning to setup an educational fund for under privileged expat students in Kuwait. We will utilize every penny that comes through the ads for this purpose.

So if you find an interesting ad on our pages, please check them out. We’ve never commercialized any of our efforts & will remain to provide you the hacks/solutions free.


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      1. Salman


        When I run Forms 12c, Browser open but show nothing. I don’t know What’s wrong ? I installed Forms12c with your given post guideline.

        Now I am just waiting to run forms. But unfortunately its not running.

        I install on Windows Server 2016, Database 12c, Forms 12c

      2. Hello Salman, as a thumb rule, though you might have used JDK 64Bit for the Weblogic & Forms installation, Internet Explorer(32Bit & default) only supports 32Bit JRE. So If you have 64Bit JRE, please uninstall & install 32Bit JRE & give a try once again. Make sure the JDK is not uninstalled!

      3. salman

        My Dear Friend

        GOD Help me and finally I successfully RUN my forms & Report. Your advise is good.

        Now I am going to convert my Forms6i File into Forms12c I don’t know what will happen in this segment. Your help and guideline always needed.

        If you have any material / link. Please forward to me.


      4. Glad to read that Salman. Make backup for all your 6i sources. Copy the backup to couple of disks for an unexpected situation and go ahead with compiling your libraries 1st, then forms modules. The batch compiler should help you with it. Give it a try. Post the results. All the best

      5. salman


        Good Day

        Could you please describe how to run Forms 12c (or using Forms12c) from Client Side. What measures need to be taken.

      6. Hello Salman, Once you have the weblogic server running, you need to install JRE 32bit on client computers & if you configured the OHS instance, should able to access the application through the link (It looks like you have already tested running the forms successfully). If you are not using single sign on at your site, you can try FSAL) Please read about Oracle FORMS FSAL and configure accordingly. This will help you to avoid using browser (Only internet explorer currently supports JRE plug-in) & that looks like the future.

      7. salman

        Thank you dear of your reply.

        I am collecting information of FSAL. Could your describe If I want to run through browser at client side. What I need to do ?

        Because all its new for me.

      8. salman

        Dear In Forms 6i

        I was using USERENV (to collect client terminal, machine name and the user name) to INSERT a login table.

        System use this (user name, machine name) and perform rights accordingly.

        In Forms12c we are running system from SERVER MACHNE. My question is that How the system recognize the username and his machine name if the multiple user connect to the SERVER.

      9. salman

        It not an informative link. What should I need to do to take end user machine name, user name and insert the table. How ?

      10. salman


        I am searching.
        I just to know or understand what will be behavior of fusion middlware server. if two users executed how we handle it.

      11. salman


        Now I m freeze

        When I log in with different work station, users overwrite it and only user shows LOG-IN.

        Could you help me ?

        what I need to do ?

      12. Go to contact me page, send an email with all details and screenshot explaining your situation. I will see whether I can help you after understanding your issues.

      13. salman

        Thank you my great GOD.

        Another Good news and achievement for me. I successfully RUN my menu with FASL from my client side.

        Thank your dear for your GUIDE LINE.

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