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Update: I’m terribly sorry for the spellos starting with the title itself! No level of frustration with a product justify such mistakes ;)

Hi guys

Let me start the topic with a bold question, how many out there STILL believe that Oracle will do that “something” which will give the confidence to the existing Oracle developers that, there is a career growth still attached with Oracle forms & reports?

Oracle has totally lost (my personal opinion) it with Forms and reports, minimum from a developer’s perspectives. They made the installation and configuring of a development environment as complex as possible starting with 9i, which successfully continued with later versions. I’m a person with multi-domain oriented experiences those are not less than 15 years. I never found another IDE having such complexities to setup in a developer’s computer, as much with Oracle developer 11g and later.

In short, if a beginner wants to learn Oracle forms and reports development, he/she needs to spend hours, many times days until the environment could be set, which has become gravely disappointing with Oracle forms & reports 12c. While they have introduced a stand alone Forms installation that obviously could be installed without much troubles, setting up a whole infrastructure to develop, test forms and reports are far beyond ridiculousness!

I have just finished with my 1st WebLogic 12c setup and very soon post a detailed how to towards setting up something that doesn’t worth your efforts!


Stay tuned folks!

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