RC-50004, AC-00005: No write permissions for creating the Context file – /tmp/temp.xml

Hi guys

Linux file/folder permissions could be very confusing for a beginner, minimum for me! After these many years of interacting with Linux I still get confused deciding what rights should be given to users or groups on certain folders :)

I came across a situation where the application tier cloning was continuously failing with the title error

RC-50004, AC-00005: No write permissions for creating the Context file – /tmp/temp.xml ?

I checked the for the /tmp folder permissions and realized the application user (applmgr/appltest) had proper right permissions on /tmp folder, yet the adcfgclone will not proceed after

[code language=”text”]

Do you want to preserve the Display [erp-prod:0.0] (y/n) ? : n

Target System Display [erp-prodbak:0.0] :
RC-50004: Error occurred in CloneContext:
AC-00005: No write permissions for creating the Context file – /tmp/temp.xml
Raised by oracle.apps.ad.context.AppsContext
Check Clone Context logfile /u01/applprod/PROD/apps/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/CloneContext_1208121418.log for details.


After few attempts I came against another blog, that was explaining the situation in a different way. http://newgendba.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-quick-solve-this-post-clone.html

Blogger has suggested to check whether temp.xml created by another user exist in the /tmp folder, which was the actual reason in my case. I found temp.xml file created by “root” and deleted the same and cloning process just went all the way fine.


Hope this info helps few of those once in a bluemoon DBAs out there :)





10 thoughts on “RC-50004, AC-00005: No write permissions for creating the Context file – /tmp/temp.xml

  1. Salman

    I want to save data in urdu + number in my table. for Example Item code description is “BOTTLE 200 ML” and also I want inputs in URDU and save in my table. I am using Forms6i Windows 8 & 7 and Oracle 10g 10.2 Windows Server 2003.

      1. Hello Salman, I’m only familiar with Arabic language setup, which is used by our legacy application. You may need to change the database character set with the one supports URDU input. If you have a huge database, I would suggest a complete backup, then drop the database, create a new database with the character set that supports URDU & importing your backed up data in to schemas.

        Please don’t attempt the above any, if you are not familiar with moderate level DBA activities. I’ve another post with the blog explaining how to change the character set (test environment) which was depreciated with 10g.
        Hope that helps

    1. Hello Salman

      I was going through your previous comments and noticed that you are using Oracle 10g R2 installed on Windows 2003 and your clients are using Windows 7, 8. In order to run the forms 6i applications, you must be using the DLL hacks. Please note, such hacks causes unexpected crashes at the client end and your database (tables) could get filled in with corrupt data (junk characters)
      I would suggest, if your management agrees, to upgrade your existing Oracle infrastructure to more recent ones (Weblogic 10.3.6 with forms & reports 11g 64Bit). I’m not starting an argument which server OS is better for Oracle database, however, with my last few years experiences, I would prefer LINUX (RHEL or Oracle Linux) to host your Oracle database & minimum 11g R2, which provides far more scalability and stability.


  2. Salman

    First of all. HAPPY NEW YEAR & GOD BLESS YOU.

    I have a query regarding checking of STOCKS qty (live). I am using 3 tables to post my invoices and system check STOCK qty if qty available we can post invoice otherwise generate error message.

    1- tm_invoice
    2- td_invoice
    3- stocks

    for example 3 users are posting invoices and at some stage same item (bottle 100 ml having stock 3000) select all 3 users

    1- User 1 put the qty 3000
    2- User 2 put the qty 2000
    3- User 3 put the qty 3000

    When the user 1 put the QTY (3000) system check and post invoices because user 1 hit the ENTER first and system validate the stocks. but the user 2 and user 3 also the same hit but due to little difference of time system give all 3 user authorize to save the qty.

    The reason is user 1 hit the qty but did not save and the same happen with user 2 and user 3. the out put is that 5000 stocks goes to NEGATIVE. which is not a good sign.

    on QTY I am using when-validate-trigger.

    Can we solve this issue.

    1. Hello Salman
      Wish you a very successful 2016 as well :). Well, usually how we achieve this is by validating the item qty twice. Said, the first time when the item is selected for the transaction & 2nd time prior committing/saving the transaction.
      For example, if you are using the default save button or a custom button for saving the orders, add a loop to go through the lines block, check the item quantities and if any of the items differ, raise a form trigger failure.


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