We received 3000+ hits, Windows7bugs.wordpress.com

It all started when we came across nasty issues with the networking part of Windows 7. We had struggled days and weeks to get our systems recognize and fine sync with our existing network (Windows 2008, Windows 2003 domain with spanned active directory, ISA 2006, Configuration Manager 2007 or AKKA SMS server, Watchguard UTM etc). There are plenty of other sites which train the users how to use Windows 7 effectively and we believe those guys have better knowledge to share. Hence we had limited “how to” knowledge sharing with this blog and were trying our level best to highlight the annoyance this new generation operating system has caused us.

Today once after the first post was made almost 2.5 months back, we received 3000 hits and from the humble prospects we had while starting this blog page, we think it is a great achievement. The maximum traffic we received were against the posts for Oracle on Windows topics and we think in future also we would receive the maximum visitors looking information regarding Oracle.

Please keep on visiting us and post your suggestions and questions so that we would able to develop this blog into a further information sharing hub for Windows 7 oriented topics.

We thank all of you who made trip to our blog page, and remain thankfully

Windows7bugs team (Kuwait)

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