Additional log on information may be required

Additional log on information may be required
Windows 7 network error


I posted another entry couple of days back about Windows 7 having problems with ISA Server client. However, what I have noticed today was the little devil (connection status indicator) all of a sudden stopped showing the yellow triangle and stopped annoying me saying “no internet access” when the mouse moved over to it, instead a message as you could see with the attached image.

We have a Konica-Minolta Fiery Multipurpose network device, which earlier used to show the netlogon name of the user who prints through it. Last day, when I was printing a large document, accidently noticed by the process terminal (Fiery console, the username was shown as “unknown” instead of my username). Hence I guess the authentication protocols embedded with Windows 7 is somehow failing to pass the real usernames and credentials to other platforms, technologies.

This causes problems with many applications and devices which totally rely upon the domain credentials…*sigh* I really hope Microsoft patches this problem the earliest possible as my antivirus (Avast and later Symantec endpoint) failes to authenticate for virus definition updates unless manually configured to pass the NTLM authentication to ISA server when they initiate to download the definitions.

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