Windows 7 64bit, the crashing mechanism,Sun Virtualbox, Bluescreen of death

Did you expect your copy of Windows 7 64bit host all your favorite software as they used to perform seamless with your Windows XP? Well the answer would be pretty disappointing and a definite NO!

Find below a list of application which were installed “properly” and later made Windows 7 64bit crash down with the infamous Bluescreen

  • PointDev Ideal Administrator (32bit)
  • Sun VirtualBox

Ironically both software install “successfully” and you start experiencing the errors only when you go for a proper shut down next time. Windows shutdown process initializes and takes a loooooooooooong time (most probably trying to shutdown the running services) then comes up with a Bluescreen, dumping up information and asking you to check the latest installed software and hardware components.

I am not sure whether these software would run properly without causing Windows 7 64bit to meet it’s pathetic Bluescreen of death periodically, if a compatibility mode is chosen….

Give us a SERVICE PACK Microsoft! I am terribly missing my Windows XP Professional as maximum of working hours I am trying to uninstall, reboot to bring Windows 7 64bit back to a working state.

Signed by Annoyed and Frustrated…

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