Linux 8 | Enable desktop icons

I had a colleague, he challenged me 20 years back that “One day Linux will take over”. I don’t see anyone I know using Linux until date. That’s the end of the story.

So, let us see how a default installation of Linux 8 (Oracle Linux 8) looks immediately after installation

That’s it. User must click on the lone “Activities” menu & choose one of the listed. We’ve had a joke doing rounds about driver’s license application from a particular Indian state. That form had 5 names listed and the applicant was asked to select HIS name from the given.

I don’t have to look for another reason to understand why my ex-colleague was wrong whole the way. Instead of adapting to the users experience base that is mostly around Microsoft Windows, Linux is getting further away from normal desktop users. Minimum the Enterprise editions are. I know Ubuntu is far different from the Enterprise distros & this article is not meant for Ubuntu users.

So, let us see how to get few of the desktop icons (Classic as it is called now)

Click on “Activities” that will provide you a search box. Type in “Gnome” and you will see a number of suggested software listing. Select “GNOME Tweaks” & Install it.

Click on Extensions & switch Desktop icons “ON”. The moment you do that, Desktop icons will be visible.

Shame on you for using the old “Classic mode” geeks. Shame on you!