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Hi guys

My nvidia GT-520 PCIE 2.0X16 card has finally failed & that altogether started a new story, a new finding and possibly a lousy solution as well.

My OEM motherboard from Intel ( DH67CL) has both Video & Audio integrated along with one NIC. More than enough to start with a PC without additional cards, which is NOT always what you want. You want to game, you need a card. You want to listen to your games, you need better audio processors, so you need another card.

Now, there are no guarantees that these cards will “Work for anyone” forever. The vendors will stop developing drivers, the product itself start having technical difficulties and your BOX as a computer will start experiencing issues as the box itself ages.

So after I removed the nvidia graphics card from my box and hooked up the Samsung LED monitor to the on-board intel HD display(HD 2000), I noticed many sparkling white dots

especially over the taskbar area & almost everywhere the box tends to see gray or darker shades. I knew that the HDMI port on board is version 1.1, when the cable that I used and the monitor are HDMI 2.0 capable. So I hooked up a normal VGA cable and was surprised to see that nothing changed! The sparkling white dots were persistent and I started googling, to find a proper solution.

Almost all solutions were about securing the cables, checking the driver, assuming the MB being faulty & even raising fingers at the PSU!

I wanted to check Windows 10 settings and to find out something to reset the display settings (I was hoping to find some) & after few minutes I landed on Settings -> Colors

I kept on toggling switches and finally toggled the “Transparency Effects” switch, which was ON. Immediately the white sparkling dots disappeared (99% as I could still see few of them against pitch black BOLD letters)

Color settings

It looks like Windows 10’s video processing has issues with older hardware, especially with older base boards. Hope this is a “kinda” solution for you also, if you are reading this post :)


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