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Hi guys

Recently I’ve started experiencing a peculiar issue with my Windows 10 VM on Windows 10. Once the VM starts, the entire desktop for the VM is either a white/black blank screen, however the Preview pan for the VM shows the proper desktop as loaded.

I’ve gone through multiple such complaints those are posted at VirtualBox forum, however none of them with a proper solution. One of the solutions which works in all cases is turning off the 3D under display settings for the VM

The another “hack” which works in my case is using the HOST+f (full screen) key combinations. This forces the VM to occupy the entire monitor and somehow the desktop is loaded to the view. To return, press HOST+f key once again. If you don’t know what is the HOST key, it is the right “Ctrl” button. A standard keyboard now days should have two numbers of “Ctrl” keys. Once by the extreme left side of the keyboard and the 2nd one by the right hand side, just below the Enter & Shift keys.

VirtualBox guys were saying this issue is mostly seen with Nvidia graphics, which should be true as my work laptop has Intel+NVidia combo, where low power applications are using Intel as primary display.

Give it a try and let us know whether this hack brings back your VM desktop/display. Let us hope VirtualBox fixes (if it is a bug from their software) or wait for another update from Microsoft fixes it.




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