Oracle Database 12c installation fails | Admin share

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While you are working in a very complex environments, it may become mandatory as a domain admin to disable the “Admin Share” from your specific computer (How to disable Admin Share) in order to protect some contents from other “Admins”. Well, it happens :)

While disabling the “Admin Shares” gives you a kind of invisibility, it has major disadvantages also. One of them being, asset collection software failing to read information about your computer in the network. This list could be long like the one provided by this Microsoft article. Though the article was specifically written for Windows XP, most of listed issues are applicable to all later versions of client OS (Haven’t tried with Server OS yet)


Oracle 12c installation will fail, and provide you very confusing error messages about unable to read temp location and more. If you come across such an error, do not wait, read our previous article about disabling Admin Share on Windows 7, browse to the registry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters” & check the value for key “AutoShareWks” Type: DWORD entry and confirm it is not set as “0”. If yes, change the value to “1”, reboot your box and the installation must go ahead without giving errors associated with reading details about “TEMP” space.

Please note, this is just one of the issues & you may be subjected to other issues while installing the Oracle software, especially on a uncertified platform like Windows 10.

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