Android | Lollipop | Annoyance with voice search

Update(4th October 2015): Additional steps

  • Disable the google app from settings (that will uninstall the app)
  • Restart the phone
  • Enable and update to most recent
  • Make sure the google search & now settings as intact as listed below
  • Reboot the device

I hadn’t had issues with voice search popping up while the headphone plugged in once after the above method(s) applied. Once again am not guaranteeing that every smartphone will get benefited with the above hacks.

Constantly getting a fit because your google voice search pop-ups frequently whenever you plug in a headphone? Are you using Lollipop? Try the following. Try to follow the instructions given below. I don’t guarantee this workaround mentioned with few of the android tech sites going to workout for everyone and for every device running lollipop. I am using Micromax Silver 5 running a forked(?) version of Cynogenmod ROM (I believe). Yet, there is nothing wrong giving it a try, right?

  1. Long press an empty area of one of your home screen
  2. Screenshot_2015-09-27-11-46-14
  3. touch the 3 dots in pyramid formation
  4. Should bring up the following screen
  5. Screenshot_2015-09-27-11-46-20
  6. Default the Search Bar comes as ON, turn it off
  7. Go to google app settings and touch “Voice” tab
  8. Screenshot_2015-09-27-11-46-48
  9. Touch “Ok Google” Detection
  10. Make sure your settings are something like below
  11. Screenshot_2015-09-27-11-47-01

this should do the trick, or minimum it has worked for me so far. I am yet to go on a longer drive. If the voice pop-up happens, I think I will brick this phone with a brick.

Cheers guys,

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Windows 10 | VPN properties cannot be changed | Build


Windows 10 is not yet a fully stable OS, or not with many of the features it offer. One of the major annoyance we came across was with VPN connections. Once a VPN connection is created, not much of the properties for the connection could be changed using the GUI. This will restrict you from using your own internet gateway. Without detailing the minute details, here is the workaround. For your ease, I am describing the details below



If you can’t find “rasphone.pbk” file under the “Pbk” folder, please open the “_hiddenPbk” folder.

Open the rasphone.pbk file with a decent text editor (if you don’t have another one, you can use “notepad” ;)

Search for “IpPrioritizeRemote”. By default the value for the parameter would be 1, hence change the value to 0

eg: IpPrioritizeRemote=0

Save the file and close.

Dial the connection and check whether you can browse the internet while connected to VPN network.


Hope this helps few others out there.

Cheers guys

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