Oracle Applications | Making references to fnd_message package from custom PL/SQL library


Until recent times I didn’t have a single idea that, fnd_message package was NOT a database, instead PL/SQL library object, through which forms based modules were calling various elements like




One of the main reasons for believing the same was as soon as I type the name of the package, both Toad  and SQL Developer identify it as already existing object!

However, few days back I decided to shed my laziness and to revamp the core retailing application I have developed two years back, using Oracle’s public APIs for Order Management & Inventory modules.

Hence, I started designing my own PL/SQL libraries and bit the bullet while trying to make a reference to fnd_message package. The call was returning errors (please refer the below image)


Which forced me to start googling for relevant and dependable pointers towards this particular situation and came across a forum thread where one person who I respect as a “geek” tried to explain why there is a package in the database and within an PL/SQL library with the same “fnd_message”, and gradually giving it up saying “Only oracle could explain why”

Hence I opened up the Template form and try to see which attached PL/SQL library has the listing for fnd_message component calls



and the PL/SQL library “FNDSQL” attached to the TEMPLATE.fmb by default has all the components referenced with the forms modules. Once identified, I attached the same library with my custom library


and the next compilation attempt was successful!

I do hope, this information is useful to few others out there, who are trying to call the fnd_message package references with their own custom PL/SQL libraries.



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