Oracle Applications R12 | Using JRE 7 for application access

Update 18th April 2015: You can use java version “1.8.0_45” (JRE 8 update 45) Using the same hacks mentioned below!

You may have to restart your BOX once after Java Runtime 7 update 51 or later installed. Once the box restarted, JRE should start loading properly with Internet Explorer 11

UPDATE: If your E-Business Suite environment is not updated to Java 7, please do not update your JRE above 51! We tried the latest JRE7 update 55 and found that the applet was not at all loading. Were forced to rollback to the earlier version

Stuck with JRE 6 update 45 and sites like does not work properly without JRE 7?

Well there is a work around, as mentioned with the Oracle blog

Which works extremely beautiful with both Internet Explorer 10/11 & Google Chrome once after JRE is upgraded to version 7

Update: if you are using multiple Oracle products, system level variable setting for  JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS could problematic. You can override this issue by changing the run time parameters for JRE like following

Control panel->Java(32-bit)->Click on Java tab->Click View-> Add the following to appropriate Product “Runtime Parameters” column (by pasting, or typing in)

-Djava.vendor="Sun Microsystems Inc."

So what you are waiting for?

Common “errors” and solutions

1. The first error you may receive once after the JRR upgrade should be

“Application Blocked by Security Settings”



Go to control panel->Open up Java(32)->Security Tab


Adding the specific site should override the above Application Blocked lockout

2. Java Security Warning Dialogue windows where you must exclusively accept the security warning twice

“I accept the risk and want to run this application”


Which is going to be a permanent element with JRE 7 update 10 and later, according to multiple sites for the applications which are not signed. This warning will be issued each and every time (Not for the same session) and until now no hacks are available to suppress it from appearing. If you want to use JRE 7, just live with it.

The same warning will be displayed twice, and you MUST accept the warning both the times in order to let the java to load your forms based application(s)

For Windows7bugs


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