Oracle services disappear from Windows Services panel after upgraded to Windows 8.1

Just a week back we upgraded two of our development laptops to Windows 8.1 64bit PRO, which were having Oracle 10g locally installed.

Once after the upgrade, we realized that the Windows services panel totally missing the entries for Oracle services (yes WTF from our end as well)

There is a question thrown at

which is yet to receive any answers. We were in the same situation and started our experiments to find a solution.

Without boring you with details, here is the complete solution

Re-configure your listener, do not delete, just re-configure using the GUI. This will re-create the Windows service for listener.




Use oradim to create a new service (Please note, this scenario is strictly for creating services while they are missing, if you want to recreate services which are already available, YOU must drop them)

From an elevated command prompt



D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1>oradim -new -sid %ORACLE_SID% -intpwd PASSWORD -st
artmode M -pfile D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\admin\sct\pfile\init.ora

There is a high possibility that you may find the init.ora file like following

Volume in drive D is New Volume
Volume Serial Number is 866B-F095

Directory of D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\admin\sct\pfile

10/31/2013  12:31 PM    <DIR>          .
10/31/2013  12:31 PM    <DIR>          ..
02/18/2013  09:24 AM             2,613 init.ora
02/18/2013  09:24 AM             2,613 init.ora.11820139272
10/31/2013  12:31 PM               745 sqlnet.log
3 File(s)          5,971 bytes
2 Dir(s)  97,706,209,280 bytes free


just copy the init.ora.NNNNNNNNNNN file to init.ora

Now start registry edit. This is required for the situation when you will notice the database service you have just created starts, however will not mount the database.

Navigate to



(We are using Windows 8.1 64bit)

By the right side details panel, find the key “ORA_<SID>_AUTOSTART” which will have a value “FALSE”. Change this value to “TRUE” and get back to Windows services panel and start the database service.

That’s all folks

if you are not cursed, the Oracle database service must start, mount the database without any troubles.

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