Windows Phone 8, Are you ready for it?



Nokia, HTC, Samsung, xyz… all have already jumped in, or jumping into the new so called ecosystem. We are asking YOU, are you ready for it?

I just completed my first 24 hours with my Windows Phone 8 and following were my observations

The good

  1. Amazingly fast, while taking the processor and memory primary bench marking parameters
  2. UI is simple, fluid and there are no seven or eight pages to scroll around, everything is in single place
  3. Live tiles are fun (most probably because they are something new) and resizable to programmed pre-defined sizes (ie, you cannot decide the size for the tile, in short)
  4. Available applications with the market place is neatly combed, organized
  5. Facebook application is a different experience

The bad

  1. Phone functions lacking innovativeness
    1. You have to always scroll up or down to find the call button :), must be a factor with getting “used to” it
    2. There are no provisions for setting up speed dials, ie, you cannot assign a contact to a particular digit with the dial pad and initiate a call, like how you were used with almost all symbian iterations throughout these years
  2. No file browser or file manager
    1. A smartphone without a file manager doesn’t make sense. with whooping 16GB to 32GB storage, you are crippled unless you can connect your phone to a compatible computer and go through what you have in the storage
    2. You don’t have any idea, what happened to the file you just transferred to the phone using bluetooth, if you are really concerned, get the phone connected to the computer, start searching for it.
    3. You cannot attach anything other than photos with your emails, funny, ridiculous and a senseless approach when you waited such long time for a Windows phone, hoping you are going to take it on a trip, replacing your laptop/tablet devices
  3. Notification area limitations
    1. There is no dedicated notification area for Windows phone 8, if you want to see the status, you must drag down from the top of the screen, another childish senseless approach. Exactly like how MS has decided that start button is not necessary for end users.
    2. Once the device is locked, there are no notifications available anywhere, you are staring at a blank, truly blank screen
  4. Communication limitations
    1. Windows phone 8 by default fail to retrieve the GPRS/MMS settings for many carriers around the world. User must install a software from apps store to have a workaround. link and the funniest part is, if you try to search for the application, you are not going to find it. So, you have to type in the link as exactly from your phone browser to locate it.
    2. Wireless settings does not allow the user to specify IPV4 settings, another pretty cumbersome approach, especially in corporate environments.

We invite your valued observations now. Do you have comments? please post them here




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