Oracle imp VS Quest Toad’s import utility Wizard


Quest Toad may the best Oracle database tool developed by a third party. However, this costly tool may not be the best one for importing objects when you are in a process of migrating from an older version of database to relatively new one! (Or minimum our experiences prove this multiple occasions)

Oracle’s import tool (imp.exe  on windows) is a console based utility and could be used without worrying the headaches usually Toad creates.

Below we are providing a “kind” of instructions about importing objects from a full database backup “.dmp” file which is created using Oracle’s export console utility


Prior importing objects, please make sure you have created the following with fresh installed database

  1. Tablespaces
  2. Users
  3. Grants to the users (CONNECT, RESOURCE, DBA etc)
  4. A parameter file, call it “myparam.txt” (preferably in the same directory where you store the “.dmp” file. We prefer to keep both the files with root of a partition itself)
  5. image(Sample parameter file)

Once you created the above objects, you may proceed towards importing the user objects (tables, views, functions, packages, procedures etc)

Now open command prompt and type the following

C:\> imp system/<<password>> PARFILE=paramtext.txt LOG=C:\19052012imp.log

Now sit back while Oracle does the import job for you!