APP-ONT-251084 No Messages in the Stack

Updated: 25th October 2021

Another situation could be when the customer you have created doesn’t have Payment Terms set. Once the Payment Terms set, open the Sales Order that is stuck using Order organizer, set the payment terms on both header and line levels and try to book once again. This should solve the situation.

A user may be provided this particular error while trying to book a sales order. If checked in Oracle support documentation, you may not find much useful information addressing this particular error.

Our case, most of the times this error occured while users tried to book an order against a customer who doesn’t have site information for that particular organization. ie, Customer ‘ABC’ was created for organization ‘XYZ’ and users from organization ‘DEF’ tried to create sales orders for customer ‘ABC’. This issue could happen to any organization which has “multi-org” structure.

The first thing the consultant should check should be the customer site information for the organization, if the site information is missing, proceed towards creating it. Once the site information is updated, manually select the shipping address and other details and proceed to book the order.

If the error is not addressed after creating the site information, proceed to next level of trouble shooting. Metalink documentation points towards items not in price list and tax etc.
Metalink document id(s) : 396427.1, 988810.1

Yahoo Messenger 11 connectivity issues behind ISA 2006 firewall


With update Yahoo messenger has additional issues with negotiating a handshake with ISA server. Please read this KB article for additional IE setting changes in order to let yahoo through ISA server.


Do you “still” IM using yahoo messenger? The latest version has facebook integration and more to offer which allows you to communicate (chat) with your friends online over social networks.

However, Yahoo messenger fails to establish a connection to it’s servers if behind ISA firewall. Here we are offering you some guidelines dealing with such scenarios.

Most acceptible reasoning for connectivity issues behind ISA firewall should be, YM failing to forward the NTLM authentication credentials to ISA fiewall while trying to establish a connection. Once failed to establish a connection, user will be provided a chance to troubleshoot the issue, which does the trick!

All you need to do is to click the troubleshoot button and wait for the process to complete. If curious, click on the details button to see multiple connectivity checks performed by YM. As soon as the troubleshoot activity completed, rush to login again with your username and password

You should able to logon to yahoo services without troubles this time. Please note, you should try to logon immediately once after the troubleshooting process is completed. This means you cannot wait minutes after the troubleshoot activity is completed. Else you will once again have to go through the entire process of troubleshooting until you manage to logon.

Enjoy all new features offered by Yahoo Messenger from “work” now

Fix VMware connectivity problems after installing Avast Internet Security

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Entry Says ”
I am a big fan of the Avast! line of security products. I just upgraded from Pro to Internet Security since I got a new laptop and getting the Pro version for that was the same price as the Internet Security version and I figured that an added firewall couldn’t hurt. Naturally, it’s never that simple and I realized that after I rebooted the firewall was causing the web browsers in my virtual machines to lose access to the Internet. I was still able to ping things via the command line but I couldn’t do much else.

In order to fix this I found out that you just need to do the following steps and you’re back online:
1.Open Avast!
2.Click the Firewall tab
3.Make sure the Firewall Settings sub-tab is selected
4.Click “Expert Settings” next to the “Stop” button
5.Check “Internet Connection Sharing mode”
6.Click OK
7.Close Avast!

Now your VMs are back online.”

and we confirm it!