Public API driven POS system for Oracle EBS R12 (12.0.4 specific)

Hello guys (and gals)

We are in the process of developing a totally public APIs driven
POS system integration for Oracle EBS R12 (12.0.4 specific) to meet our present
business requirement. We were supported by multiple entities like and and we feel it is our commitment towards
the communities to share the knowledge we gathered through last few months.

We tested many APIs, mostly by altering those ones obtained
through multiple blogs, tested them countless times & made them work
through mainly custom forms (developed using Oracle developer 10g) & few
reports. To start with we will be posting the logic, corrected APIs (according
to our specific instance), database level procedures, functions and packages.

So stay tuned, within next few weeks time, we will be releasing
the above mentioned few (other than the original forms and reports) through
most possible means.

for windows7bugs


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