February 2010 Windows Media Center Cumulative Update for Windows 7 akka KB977863 causing serious network issues with Windows 7

According to Microsoft the KB977863 deals with the following:
Issues that this cumulative update package fixes
The February 2010 Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center for Windows 7 resolves the following issues:
Improves the overall experience for systems that are configured by using digital cable card tuners.
Resolves backward compatibility issues for some legacy Windows Media Center extensibility applications.
Resolves an issue with how recorded TV shows are managed when switching to a user locale that is based on the Hijri calendar.
Improves the overall experience when you use Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) tuners. ISDB is a Japanese standard for digital television and digital radio.

However if you a domain user, domain consist of ISA, this update can screwup your happiness for a long while! Uninstall it, you don’t need it. Uninstall and try to install it once again, Microsoft will state you don’t require this update any further and you will not be annoyed by seeing the yellow triangle overlayed over the network connection stating “no internect access”

Applies to Windows domains with ISA proxy server.

7 thoughts on “February 2010 Windows Media Center Cumulative Update for Windows 7 akka KB977863 causing serious network issues with Windows 7

  1. David Smith

    I have a problem with the search function in Windows Explorer. I have about 5000 cd’s loaded up and whenever I try to find an album or a track, the damned thing returns a result “no items match your search”. I don’t like libraries, but even if I create a library, I still get dodgy results. I’ve tried indexing and re-indexing, I even tried a S/sheet and hyperlinked the two. That actually worked, but, as you’ll appreciate, that’s a faily inelegant and labour intensive solution. I never had ANY probs with Vista. This is bugging the crap out out of me – any ideas?
    Thanks, mate
    David Smith

  2. Hi David
    The search capability of Windows 7 mainly depends upon the indexing engine. You have 5000 CDs stored “somewhere”. Is it on an external storage device? If yes, then go to control panel, Indexing Options, try to add the the external storage partitions to the indexing. Depending upon the volume of data you have it may take long hours for the indexing to complete.
    For the search, you can use kind: music, kind: video filters against the search column.


    1. David Smith

      I was very impressed with your insight. Yes, the cd’s are on an (external)expansion drive. I had earlier indexed that as well(you know how is, it’s two o’clock in the morning, work the next day and you’ve tried everything, spoken to all your mates, asked the IT blokes at work, after a while, everything becomes a blur). I thought about your suggestion, for which I am very grateful) and it made good sense. However, I’ve already indexed the drive in question. The problem is that 5000 cd’s is a lot to remember! Perhaps I should reload W7? Revert to Vista Ultimate? Sob uncontrollably?

      1. David, glad to see you were following up. When we are talking about such huge volume of data, I believe we should consider your hardware setup as well. Windows 7 performs pretty well with latest hardware, a decent amount of memory and in your case, accessing random information from an external storage device, buffering it up could put hell of pressure on the OS as well as the hardware. Have you ever considered upgrading your system (hardware) ?
        I cannot make a comparison between Vista and Windows 7. I never used Vista and all the while was sticking to XP. Unfortunately, the search with Windows 7 is not upto most users expectations :O

        for Windows7bugs, raj

  3. David Ssmith

    3.00 Ghz AMD Athlon11X2 250 Processor
    4Gig of RAM
    64 bit OS Windows7 Home
    Bought new 9 months old
    I don’t think that the problem is H’Ware. When I create a S/Sheet of all my CD’s, CTRL F will find whatever I want with the usual efficiency you’d expect from Excel. I’ve also created a family tree with over 900 ancestors; no probs running that. I also have 8000 photos on another drive and use Picassa to manage them – no probs. I’ve also got, on another drive, 21000 MP3 tracks that I can’t search using W7. In other words, it seems that the flaw lies inside W7 rather than the hardware.
    I should say that apart from the inability to search in Windows Explorer, W7 works perfectly. I work for a very large multinational company – I have a faster machine on my table at home than the machine I use at work.
    I’ll have to put up with it, I guess, unless I upgrade to a different version?

    1. Hi again David, we are thrilled as the latest status says, within few months of time we received more than 20,000 hits. Well this blog was started from nowhere, when we started facing issues at work with Windows 7, strictly we are on to 64bit Professional edition Windows 7, hardware specs never less than 4GB of memory, dual core processors etc.
      Ridiculously, the home editions of any Windows OS is crippled, as it aims the home users who have limited needs…browsing, chatting, some multimedia activities.
      Considering to upgrade to Professional Edition or Home Premium edition is highly recommended in your case. As I told you, we hardly get oppertunities to try out different flavors of Windows at work. To maintain the harmony, even for home computer, I always prefer professional editions of Windows OS. Not just that, from professional to Ultimate edition upgrade is much cheaper compared to upgrading from Home edition to Ultimate.
      Though not technically sound enough to tell you this change going to play a significant part with your current issues, I can assure you, Professional edition or Ultimate edition will be a better choice for your future requirements as well.
      Sorry for not being in a position to make a solid suggestion to you.

      for Windows7bugs, raj

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