Windows 7, ISA 2006, Nokia Ovi suit, Nokia Map Updater, Nokia Map Loader etc

Was it easy ever to get your favorite(?) nokia applications connect to respective servers behind ISA? We think not at all! We were behind ISA from last many years and until recent days we were almost unable to get Nokia software through ISA.

While Nokia Ovi suit still being the shittiest application behind ISA, you can easily get other products contact the servers  by following these:

Enable WPAD (please refer the posts referring to “Windows 7, Additional log on information may be required”)

Install ISA 2004/2006 Firewall client.

Go to Internet Explorer options, LAN settings and make the changes as you could see them with the attached image. Please make sure other than “Automatically detect settings” NONE of the other checkboxes should be checked!

Go to ISA Firewall client->Web browser and uncheck “Enable Web browser automatic configuration” so that ISA firewall client will not automatically configure the IE settings (polls once in few hours). Please refer the attached image.

Try to start Nokia map update or Map loader application and ISA would happily allow the connections. Please make sure you have download permissions with ISA Server, else you will not able to.

We hope this helps ‘few’ frustrated souls out there…

Windows7bugs team.

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