Windows7 network connections

Can you see the small yellow triangle? Okay, let me make it even simple, try to concentrate, there is a red round, inside that you can see something which looks like a little devil holding his fork and a traffic signal like NO ENTRY (kidding)…

We are on a Windows 2008 R1 AD domain and running ISA 2006 SP1 as proxy. Once after all four of us “migrated” to Windows7, noticed that though we are able to connect to internet, browse, download, this connection periodically shows there is no access to internet and additional log on information required messages. May be it must be a small time “BUG”. However this causes major problems like:

Antivirus software cannot go online and download updates, unless you specify the proxy, username and password for the authentication with ISA

Multiple software, which are designed to share internet connection settings with IE (without a preference area to configure the proxy settings) fail miserably from connecting to internet (Nokia MAP loader, updater, Ovi suit, Avast free home edition…just to take few names)

Let us hope Microsoft identifies this problem and comes up with a SERVICE PACK soon!

Minor update: I am not sure whether this trick works always, when you are annoyed with the yellow triangle, remove your LAN connection cable, and plug it back and the watch the yellow triangle disappearing for a while…or until you restart the PC next time.

Our scenario, Windows 2008 R1 AD domain with ISA 2006 SP1 and we believe this yellow triangle and the error message asking for additional log on information has something to do with the authentication between the Windows 7 client and the ISA server…

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