Windows 11 | Snipping tool “Recording stopped”

Quite recently, Microsoft added a “feature” to their snipping (screen capturing) tool that enabled continued screen capturing or we can comfortably call it as “video capturing” of on-screen activities. I use snipping tool almost every day, for blogging, to update peers about progresses and other & was thrilled to have the video capturing capability built into a tool that I am well familiar with. Then,

I couldn’t get it working! the only one time it worked was when I reset the app from settings and then it started showing me the above each and every other time. I tried to see whether I was the ONLY one having this issue & luckily found “another” person was also having the same issue. He/She posted it on Microsoft answers forum and got the standard answer “go and eff yourself”

After resetting the app couple of times and failing to get it do the video recording, I remembered the troubles I had with extended displays. Windows 11 in the beginning days managed extended displays horribly (not completely matured yet) & I soon assumed that the bug that crashes the video recording was related to extended displays. Hence, I disabled the extended display and as on 27th March 2023, this is the only one solution for me to use snipping tool for recording videos.

The below video was recorded using “Snipping tool”

This works only with the default settings for the snipping tool. If you modify any of the settings, this workaround may crash. For example, I had the “Multiple windows” turned on and the tool crashed even after disabling the display projection. Please note, Microsoft will hopefully address this issue soon and this hack/workaround will be insignificant in near future. There are high possibilities that even after following the hack as said here, you will not successfully record video using the tool. Afterall, it is another Microsoft tool.

Oracle VirtualBox 7 | Windows guests auto-resize guest display

Host: Windows 11, 22H2, VirtualBox 7.0.4

I have one Windows 10 guest from last many years, upgraded through VirtualBox versions 5, 6. Recently I upgraded VirtualBox to 7. While Windows XP & Oracle Linux guests automatically resized the display on host, Windows 10 guest was adamant. Uninstalling and installing the guest addons didn’t help.

After scavenging through few posts over VirtualBox forums, came across one of them discussing about fixing the resizing issue by choosing “VBoxVGA”, though it was not supported. I decided to give it a try and Windows 10 guest resized the display when I toggled the “Auto-Resize Guest Display” from the view menu.

Then I shutdown the guest, changed the Display back to “VBoxSVGA” & the guest allowed me to resize the display using View menu & subsequent restarts were resizing the guest display as expected. However, there were times when I had to manually adjust the display size. Hope Oracle fixes this issue in coming releases.