Fix VMware connectivity problems after installing Avast Internet Security

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I am a big fan of the Avast! line of security products. I just upgraded from Pro to Internet Security since I got a new laptop and getting the Pro version for that was the same price as the Internet Security version and I figured that an added firewall couldn’t hurt. Naturally, it’s never that simple and I realized that after I rebooted the firewall was causing the web browsers in my virtual machines to lose access to the Internet. I was still able to ping things via the command line but I couldn’t do much else.

In order to fix this I found out that you just need to do the following steps and you’re back online:
1.Open Avast!
2.Click the Firewall tab
3.Make sure the Firewall Settings sub-tab is selected
4.Click “Expert Settings” next to the “Stop” button
5.Check “Internet Connection Sharing mode”
6.Click OK
7.Close Avast!

Now your VMs are back online.”

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Windows 7 host network slow after VMware, Oracle/Java VirtualBox installation

If you are on Windows 7 and experiencing degraded performance with HOST network (browsing other computers in the physical network has become dramatically slow, transfering files from or to other computers have become painfully slow and the transfer rate is just KBs while your connection is 100/1000MBPS) then be assured, the virtual adaptors installed by these virtual boxes are playing off.

Detailed explanation from VMWare KB article could be found here (This KB article is pretty old, however the issues handled are same till date, so don’t get confused)

To get over with this issue, you may go ahead and disable the virtual network adaptors installed by VMWare or Oracle/Java VirtualBox application(s).

Edit the virtual appliance network property and selected “Bridged” and optionally “Replicate physical network state” (check image)

Network Settings

Workaround status: Fully checked and confirmed.

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