Windows | ORA-06413: Connection not open

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If you install a 32bit application in your 64bit Windows OS, following default prompts, the installed product will be under “<drive letter:>”\Program Files (x86)” & Oracle doesn’t really like those braces :)

You should uninstall the software and install it again in a folder that doesn’t have braces or spaces in between in it’s name

eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\some software to >> C:\somesoftware

Toad and few other little utilities available for Oracle will stop complaining about “ORA-06413: Connection not open” once after that.


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Quest toad or Oracle Sql Developer?

There were times when Quest Toad used to desert us with plain statements like “There was an error” especially while compiling procedures or funcations @ database level. We assume it was mostly because of the older versions of toad being used against latest versions of Oracle database. Well usually no firms want to upgrade to latest versions of Toad, as it involves the biting factor, money!

So, we started using Oracle’s own sql developer. The look and feel of Oracle’s SQL developer is so so, nothing compared to the neat and organized look of Quest toad, at the same time it is the most affordable tool for a developer, as it costs nothing for one to download and start using!
Not just that, if you have the latest version of Sql Developer, it does show you the exact error messages under almost all possible scenarios.
A quick post from a very satisfied Oracle’s SQL Developer suite!

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