Windows 10 | Hack to dirty desktop


Hi guys

Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft has clearly switched their target consumers to mobile users and snatched the clean desktop experience from power users.

Windows 10 is basically a huge PHONE OS, however, significant efforts were made by Microsoft to reduce the gap between a mobile OS and pure desktop experience by the addition of a semi effective start button. Yet it satisfy the frustrated me? Not entirely

For example, I have multiple versions of Oracle developer installed in my box, starting from Developer 6i, Developer 10g & Developer 11g in the same box & almost all elements within the developer stacks share the common names like forms developer, reports builder etc. Using the jump list was NEVER my cup of tea as it takes time, efforts to distinguish. Though the new start menu allows one to drag and drop the apps to desktop, send to desktop is a sure missing option which could truly confuse a person who switched from XP/7 recently.

I’m responsible a middle size IT infrastructure and was promoting the usage of classicshell, the free start button/ start menu alternative that brings a kind of Windows XP/7 style start button/menu experience back to both Windows 8.x and Windows 10 OS.


You can obtain ClassicShell here

With periodic updates, this freeware remains one of the best solutions for crippled start menu available with Windows 10 OS.

Install it, Open Classic start menu settings, check “Show all settings” & make the few settings as seen with the below images and you are all ready to enjoy a cleaner desktop experience



You can setup the most comfortable start menu style here


Skin allows you to disable the frames around the icons.


Once the above you are all good to start experiencing the classic start menu on your Windows 8/10 box

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Windows 10 | Start button, taskbar not working


Hi guys

Already upgraded to Windows 10? Being a hardcore desktop user from last 18+ years, I do feel Microsoft totally lost it while distinguishing between power users and home users. This hybrid OS is built for touch enabled devices, then for desktops. Many of the applications point you towards window phone site for fixes, confirming that much of such applications were ported for desktop from mobile applications, when this should be opposite!

Being a hybrid and released to masses while it was in the high beta status, Windows 10 has many bleeding edges. Start menu related issues are one of the worse and most difficult to address. There are hundreds of frustrated users flooding the technical support forums asking for fixes and to be very precise there are no immediate solutions for this dreaded issue as on date.

I have three computers running Windows 10 OS. Two computers with RTM build 10240 and one box running the insider preview. One of my 10240 build box started having issues with start button and task bar related issues almost 10 days back, forced me to do a factory reset and the issues came back after 4 days once after the reset. Someone pointed out that the issues were brought back with the cumulative updates release during October, whatever causes it, is annoying.

There are posts stating a particular batch file named “10Services_Default.bat” fixing this dreaded issue, however I haven’t tried it yet. I may, if my box stops behaving once again.


So do we have a fix for it? I was damn lucky (dunno for how long) to revive my PC that was constantly getting this issue by doing following few:

  1. Removed the additional wireless dongle. Hard power off*
  2. Created a new user account with administrator privileges: Hard power off*
  3. Logged in as new user: It took around 20 minutes to logon
  4. Hard power off*
  5. Logged back to the old user & bingo

* Keep pressing the power on button for more than 20 seconds to manually switch off the computer

After almost 48 hours, my box is still responding to the start button and rest of the so called “modern apps”

Whether my own fixes going to help you? I’m not at all sure about it. However, there is no wrong in giving it a try.

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Windows 8, Classic Shell

Okay guys, after a week of “tolerating” windows 8 without a start button, being developers who are always trying to get “stuff” through start button –> programs, decided to go back to “Classic Shell” approach.

Neat and free, this small application could make a developer’s life pretty easier with a mouse click access to all programs! Give it a try and download it from here

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