The first bug?”Multiple instances of Microsoft Outlook” Windows 7

Have Windows7  and MS office suit installed? Are you using Microsoft Outlook 2007 standard/professional edition? Okay, let us start a fresh session of Microsoft Outlook. Leave it alone and double click open Microsoft Outlook again and again and again…how many Microsoft Outlook sessions are available for you? a dozen?

Microsoft Outlook Multiple Instances

This “bug” was reported to me by my colleague Sherin and I had given the same a try and end up with multiple instances of MS outlook running from my station. Would MS gonna claim this as an enhancement? Let us wait and see!

Last minute thought: Once started using multiple instances of Outlook, I should say, I felt pretty better as I could move around multiple nodes of my mail box (inbox, sent items) without closing the other one…so instead of calling it as bug, I should mark it as an enhancement :P