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Windows 10 is not yet a fully stable OS, or not with many of the features it offer. One of the major annoyance we came across was with VPN connections. Once a VPN connection is created, not much of the properties for the connection could be changed using the GUI. This will restrict you from using your own internet gateway. Without detailing the minute details, here is the workaround. For your ease, I am describing the details below



If you can’t find “rasphone.pbk” file under the “Pbk” folder, please open the “_hiddenPbk” folder.

Open the rasphone.pbk file with a decent text editor (if you don’t have another one, you can use “notepad” ;)

Search for “IpPrioritizeRemote”. By default the value for the parameter would be 1, hence change the value to 0

eg: IpPrioritizeRemote=0

Save the file and close.

Dial the connection and check whether you can browse the internet while connected to VPN network.


Hope this helps few others out there.

Cheers guys

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I am wondering what does it mean! Usually I use static IP address at work, as I have a local oracle database, our ISA firewall has “strict” rules, limiting IP ranges from downloading from internet etc.

Recent days I was shuttling between two branch offices and was forced to reset my IP settings to obtain DHCP addresses. Interestingly, twice I found that once I pick obtain IP address automatically option, the default gateway (Grayed out) is seen (refer the image) when I open the property console for IPV4 section.

The most interesting factor is, regardless my branch locations (we use where the third octect differs each network (C class), the DHCP settings shows ‘’ as the default gateway.

Please check the image attached and if you have an explanation, please post it over here.